Youtube: deutsch Sprechen mit Folgen (Cat – Nip)


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jho43586 vor 3 Wochen
speak english u fagots

KookiesNKreamCollie vor 1 Woche
Ich spreche: Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch (etwas), Italienisch und Japanisch, und es ist komisch, wenn Leute Sie denken, Youtube ist nur für Engländer mögen. Warum bin ich die Reaktion auf Sie, Sie offensichtlich nicht verstehen mich!

CaptainObvious0000 vor 5 Tagen
are you sure you speak all of those? your german sounds awfully like google translate german.

KookiesNKreamCollie vor 3 Tagen
I can speak all those ^^ I dont use google translate, never gets anything right, I’m typing that from knowledge, sorry if it sounds a bit dodgy >.< ! CaptainObvious0000 vor 3 Tagen get the fuck outta here and stop lying about speaking german and then using translation tools to pretend it. what you meant: "Why am I responding to you, you obviously do not understand me!" your translation: "Warum bin ich die Reaktion auf Sie, Sie offensichtlich nicht verstehen mich!" shitty google translation: "Warum bin ich die Reaktion auf Sie, Sie offensichtlich nicht verstehen mich!" (lol) possible correct translation: "Warum antworte ich dir? Du verstehst mich offensichtlich nicht!" KookiesNKreamCollie vor 3 Tagen I thought you were a responsible person, I guessed wrong... I'm sorry that my german isn't 'Perfect' but I'm only 14 >:( I’m a GCSE student trying my best! Think before you speak…

CaptainObvious0000 vor 3 Tagen
trying your best to deceive people. get the fuck off.

KookiesNKreamCollie vor 3 Tagen
How am i deceiving people. I’m a 14 year old Girl in year 9 ._. Trying to speak German.

CaptainObvious0000 vor 3 Tagen
your crap is from the google translation tool. you’re lying about that and acting like you can speak all kinds of languages although you can’t even say „Go away!“ in german. being 14 is not an apology for being a hypocritical compulsive liar.

KookiesNKreamCollie vor 2 Tagen
You are being very RUDE! You prick, you don’t even know me >:(!!! And I OBVIOUSLY CAN SAY ‚GO AWAY‘ BECAUSE YOU FRICKIN‘ UNDERSTOOD ME! F‘ OFF!

CaptainObvious0000 vor 2 Tagen
so if i catch people lying multiple times, i’m the rude one? that’s new.
i have to personally know people in order to be able to prove they’re obviously lying? that’s also new. if someone utters a copied word salad and another person happens to understand it, the word salad magically becomes correct? tell me more.

KookiesNKreamCollie vor 2 Tagen

CaptainObvious0000 vor 2 Tagen
i already proved it by showing that the google translation tool gives me the identical pseudo-translation. twice! now off you go.

KookiesNKreamCollie vor 2 Tagen
I can speak German, end of. Now, why do you have to be so rude about it? OfficialFraq just proved I do German and you are still content with your statement? What pleasure do you get out of this? I’m trying my best you idiot. Auf Wiedersehen.

TOASTEngineer vor 20 Stunden
Best thing you can do when people are jerks on the internet is to just leave them alone. I used to let them get to me too, and it does take a bit of work to get yourself out of the habit of replying to them. It’s a useful skill to have, though, both on the internet and in real life!

CaptainObvious0000 vor 15 Stunden
wait a sec, friend. i’m not the lying hypocrite here. i’m just the one who dislikes that kind of shit. if disliking that makes me a jerk, i wear that label of yours with pride :)

TOASTEngineer vor 15 Stunden
Mmmnope. You’re being a dick, plain and simple. Trying to paint yourself as the victim here only makes you more of a dick.
I know, because I was a dick once too. I grew out of it. You will too, but the sooner you do it, the less embarrassed you’ll feel when you read over your old YouTube comments. :P

CaptainObvious0000 vor 5 Stunden
so you changed into just another type of an idiot? well done. hypocrites need to know their fucking place. that’s all.

TOASTEngineer vor 3 Stunden
„You keep using that word, I do not think you know what it means…“

Ich glaub ich führ ne neue Rubrik ein … Ungefilterter YT Wahnsinn … :)